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Experts in : Criminal, Civil, Matrimonial, Services Matters, and Cases Related to Real Estates &Properties etc.

We aims to achieve client-oriented results within the shortest possible time frame so as to help its clients to have a competitive edge by enhancing their expertise. We provides proactive, client focused and diversified legal services and are committed to face the array of legal challenges prevailing in this complex and dynamic business world.

The Members of the Firm have extensive experience in handling various national and international/cross border legal and commercial transactions. They are well recognized for their ability to provide highly focused and specialized advice to the clients with a high degree of responsiveness and consistent attention.

In keeping with its commitment to provide legal advisory services of the highest standard, the members of the Firm adopted a methodology, based on:

  1. Knowing exactly what clients want.
  2. Ensuring that their work is technically correct.
  3. Ensuring that the results expected by clients are of high value to their organizations.
  4. Managing project to meet clients' expectations.

Over a short span of time our clients have recognized and appreciated us for the quality of service that we provide to them and their feedback is the measure of the success that we boast of.

S K Joshi
(Former, Director, DDA and Former General Manager Odeon Builders Pvt. Ltd.)

Expert & Experience 35 Years in the field of Public Works dealing with arbitration cases, contractual matters, Real Estate cases, Services Matters, and Industrial Disputes also worked as estate officers and Quasi-Judicial Officers for 6 Years, Now also deals with CIVIL, Criminal, Matrimonial cases.

Sidharth Joshi
Expert in Excise & Customs, Copyright, Trademark, Patent, and other, intellectual property rights cases, besides most capable in the criminal, civil, matrimonial, and service matters he has dealt CBI cases, murder cases, election pretation, and other remarkable cases, in supreme court, various high courts, cat, district courts, and various tribunals and forms

S K Joshi & Associates is a India Leading law firm that provides a scale of legal services to its national and international clients, which contain universal, public and private companies and other corporate entities.

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