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S K Joshi and Associates aggressively represents individuals injured by the negligent or careless actions of others. For more than 2 decades we have fought for full compensation of medical bills, lost income and other damages for the victims of accidents and catastrophic injuries. Our S K Joshi and Associates legal team prides itself in giving each client the individual attention they need.

Our experienced legal team handles:

  • Injuries sustained in car and truck accidents caused by negligent driving.
  • Workplace and construction site injuries.
  • Harm caused by defective products.
  • On-the-job injuries caused by defective products or the negligence of people other than fellow employees.
  • Injuries sustained because of poorly maintained property
  • Medical and legal malpractice.
  • Harm caused by unsafe drugs or medical products.
  • Wrongful death cases.

Our S K Joshi and Associates legal team will discuss your case with utmost priority and sympathy.

S K Joshi & Associates is a India Leading law firm that provides a scale of legal services to its national and international clients, which contain universal, public and private companies and other corporate entities.

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