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The present day Corporate Lawyer, who is employed by an organization "manages" the legal affairs of such organization and plays a vital and an integral role. His/Her role is not, any more limited to drafting and preparing court documents and attending to court cases as an & "instructing attorney", and/or drafting conveyances and attesting same. Today's Corporate Lawyer must possess a fair amount of knowledge in all areas of law and must be ready and prepared to give advice to the top management of the organization as and when required. Hence today's Corporate Lawyer has to be fully aware of the recent developments in all aspects of law in order to perform his or her duties confidently and in an efficient manner.

In order to add value to the Corporate Lawyers, the Association of Corporate Lawyers Sri Lanka (ACL) has played a vital role too. The ACL has over the years, contributed well to the Corporate Lawyer by organizing numerous seminars, workshops, conferences and other forums in order to keep the Corporate Lawyer up to date with various aspects and Scholars of Law here and abroad to deliver lectures in such forums and that the Corporate Lawyer was richer in knowledge at the end of the day.

While the ACL has performed well in the past by bringing the Corporate Lawyer up to date with law, it has also strived continuously to bring the Corporate Lawyer face to face with the fellow lawyers in a lighter vein. The social gatherings and outings organized by the ACL, has given the Corporate Lawyer an opportunity to get to know his/her fellow lawyers and to enjoy fellowship.

Presently the ACL is in the process of creating a Data Base, which shall contain necessary details of all Corporate Lawyers in order to communicate the activities and future plans of ACL.

Now the opportunity is available to all of you to become a member of ACL and to reap the benefits it offers you.

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